Friday, June 5, 2009

Two more sketches

Two more pages from my sketchbook...I scribbled them yesterday morning while watching TV. First one is a contestant from a TV show "Judge Judy.." she was pretty and glamorous, had big eyes and kept rolling them all the time!...
Second is, as many of you may know, Susan Boyle , the plain looking singing sensation of "Britain 's Got Talent " Show; who lost at the final stage. I hear that she suffered a nervous breakdown after that, and had to be hospitalized! I sympathize with her.She really had a sweet voice.But these TV shows can be cruel! You have to be thick skinned to participate in them.
I did this sketch watching a repeat telecast of her performance on stage.


  1. Great sketches. I forget you have this blog.

  2. Ur artwork is really nice... please keep posting more work..

    I am sure to return...

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