Friday, June 5, 2009


This is my self portrait done in watercolrs.I can't resist sharing it with you all who don't follow my other blog!..However, to match up with this blog's ambience, I have converted it into black and white tones.If you wish to see the original, pls go to my other blog, Arti's art, Life as I see it

Two more sketches

Two more pages from my sketchbook...I scribbled them yesterday morning while watching TV. First one is a contestant from a TV show "Judge Judy.." she was pretty and glamorous, had big eyes and kept rolling them all the time!...
Second is, as many of you may know, Susan Boyle , the plain looking singing sensation of "Britain 's Got Talent " Show; who lost at the final stage. I hear that she suffered a nervous breakdown after that, and had to be hospitalized! I sympathize with her.She really had a sweet voice.But these TV shows can be cruel! You have to be thick skinned to participate in them.
I did this sketch watching a repeat telecast of her performance on stage.